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ESET Smart Security 5 Username and Password with 180 days Serial key

ESET Smart Security 5 Username and Password with 180 days Serial key – ESET is an award winning software security company which provides state of the art antivirus programs for average daily life user. They have all kinds of protection applications but ESET smart security 5 is the best of all with Antivirus, Firewall, Antispam, Antispyware, Anti-RootKit and Parental Control feature. It will never let any virus to penetrate into your system because it has so many security checks which is nearly impossible to pass on. So if you have money in your pocket than but it now but if you want to try it before buying it than below are few promotions through which you can get it for free.

ESET Smart Security 5

How to Get ESET Smart Security 5 Username and Password with 180 days free license keys

There are currently five promotions running at this time so its a fair chance that you can get one for free. All you have to do is to visit the giveaway pages mention below, fill the forms with your personal details like name, email address and they will send your serial keys via email straight into your email inbox.

1. First Giveaway Page.

2. Second Promotion of Eset.

3. Eset smart security and NOD32 Giveaway.

4. German Promotion (use any German proxy to avail this offer)

You can use www.4proxy.de for this promotion.

5. United Kingdom Promotion (use any UK proxy to use this offer)

You can use www.openproxy.co.uk proxy to use this offer.

Some how if the above mention promotions are not working for you or some thing else is missing than you can download the software with activation code from the links mention below.

ESET Smart Security 5 Features

The best feature we all love about ESET Smart Security 5 free license keys is that it is all in one security suite which has solution for all kinds of problems. Antivirus feature will look for all types of viruses in your system and if some bad thing wants to enter into your system it will scan the code easily and block it. Anti-spyware feature will look for all types of spyware into your laptop and constantly checks your computer’s internet browser for malicious code and bad websites. Some times it may happen to you that your system crashes or restart again and again than in this case you have to reinstall your operating system otherwise you have no option.

Anti-spam feature will filter all your emails and send the unnecessary emails to the spam folder. Now its very difficult to check spam emails due to the size and these guys create new email addresses daily. So in order to check the spam emails they use the special database maintained on the ESET server located at the center of the Newyork. Above all if some bad guys able to penetrate from your system than Dual firewall will check each and every entry according to its status. All entries contain special flags with them which are used to recognize them.

Providing protection only is the thing of the past and now customers demand more features like cloud technology etc. So ESET has upgraded their system to cloud technology which provides real time protection against all types of online threats. It works just like a combine family system, all ESET users are willing to share their system information with them which actually helps company to create a database of newly emerging threats. Now when ever some computer will hurt by this virus all other computers in this network will be shutdown automatically with out wasting any time.

ESET Smart Security 5 Screenshot

ESET Smart Security 5 screenshot

Now cloud technology is just a waste of time and money without Advanced heuristic detection feature. What this feature does is that it flags the each and every passing entries with special code number. This code is than saved on all servers of ESET so that when ever some virus tries to acres the data on server it should blocked immediately by it. Hackers can only enter into your system with the help of your internet browser which is directly connected with the internet.

So by isolating internet browser one can easily secure his system with no cost at all. Actually when you connect your laptop to the internet only your browser is directly connected to the world wide web for communication. All other parts of your computer like windows operating system, system files, your personal data and even your hardware are safe. The bad thing happens only if your internet browser gets hacked and than the code pass on to the rest of the computer. This is the time when you cannot do any thing other than just removing the virus it self which is a very hard thing to do.

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If you are real geek and want to check your full capabilities than use ESET Advanced HIPS functionality to customize the each and every feature of it. You can now even change the rules for the windows system registry, manipulate the active and running programs, Discard the running processes in the random access memory and make more string security policy. But this feature is only recommended for geek which fully understands the software otherwise if you are an average user than it may damage your computer as well.

If you are annoyed with your antivirus program than go for ESET Smart Security 5 free product keys because it has Gamer mode option in it which let you stop all dialog boxes and error messages in just one click. This option is very handy when you are in a hurry and want to fully concentrate on your work, network game, movie, song or any thing else. Some times we are giving away presentations to our customers and our antivirus program tend to annoy us by displaying the messages like your antivirus needs to be updated etc. Just use gamers mode from now onwards and you will be happy with it.

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  1. Williams says:

    Thanks for sending me ESET Smart Security 5 key.

  2. David Hagan says:

    Is this the new security product and how long and when does the key start. I will gladly trade a KIS key I have won and not registered yet for a key to Eset Smart Security. KIS is pulling to hard on my system, My acer laptop.

    • David Hagan says:

      To my other post. I had bought a KIS 2012 at Amazon.com at a deal before I won the key for the 2013 off Facebook scary story contest on Facebook about my laptop. Check it out. They told me the key would not expire since i had some time on my other software. So as I said the key has not been registered. Will trade for Eset Smart Security or maybe NIS, or BIS> Rather have Eset though.

  3. David Hagan says:

    All I got was an email for a subscription to the company

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