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Internet Download Manager 6.11 Serial Number Key Giveaway

Internet Download Manager 6.11 Serial Number Key Giveaway is proud to be presented to you via IDM inc. IDM free product keys will allow you to use the number one download manager in the world for full whole year. Imagine the days when we use to have dial-up internet and we were very happy with it. But soon after that Digital Subscriber loop or DSL changed our lives with high speed internet. But we as a human are very greedy and we want more each and every time that’s why we are still not satisfy with our broadband internet connection. So the only solution to increase the speed of your existing internet is via free product keys of Internet Download Manager 6.11 version.

Internet Download Manager 6.11 Serial Number Key Giveaway

We are giving away 100 free licenses of Internet Download Manager 6.11 to the 100 Lucky winners. You can download the trial version from the link mention below.

Download Internet Download Manager

This Giveaway of Internet Download Manager 6.11 Full Version Serial Numbers is proud to be sponsored by Dave Saeger of Tonec Inc. All you have to do is to follow the steps mention below and leave a comment with your details. Lucky Draw will be held on 25 December 2012.

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Internet Download Manager 6.11

Internet Download Manager 6.11 Features

Have you ever wanted to download software’s with lightning speed and as fast as 5 times faster than your average internet connection download speed. Yes now your can download any software 5 times faster than your normal DSL speed with the help of IDM serial keys. Its the revolutionary software application designed to take advantage of the empty ports available at download server. Now you may be thinking that how it is possible to use that empty ports.

Some time it may happen to you that while transferring software from any online server your computer may restart, or it suddenly shutdown or your house power fails so in this case you can lose all the data. Now don’t worry too much about your data because now with IDM free product keys you can pause and resume your downloads with just one click of a button. Also when you restart your program it will start the software from the point where it was left.

Now if you are going outside from your home and office for some time than you can also schedule any software to down-load into your computer without any problem. Just enter the URL of any video, software application or movie in IDM and it will do the rest for you. Its so powerful and sophisticated that it can remember each and every decision of your so that in future when same situation arises than it can do the same task as you did in the past. This artificial intelligence is very robust and makes your life very easy. This means that after some time when you first install the IDM free license keys into your system it will be more intelligent and efficient than ever before.


Internet Download Manager interface screenshot

Comprehensive error recovery feature will allow us to add the same amount of data as it was lost due to the connection interruption. This is very useful feature because if your connection disconnects from server many times then this means that all your data will be lost and either you have to install the software again or restart where I left. In order to start broken links and software IDM has resume capability feature which starts the upload process from the point where it was broken.

I remember the IDM 5.11 OEM version in which interface was totally horrible and in order to set some feature you have to dig into it and find that feature in the tree. But as I sad earlier the latest version has state of the art new and simple user interface for better performance. Now each and every feature is located at the front screen of the software which makes it easier to find I and execute it. Also you can tweak each and every option which allows you to take control of your system. Optimize your windows experience and make it ever faster than it was at the beginning.

If you want to fully understand the way IDM 6.11 serial key works than for your kind information I can tell you that it uses the latest smart download logic accelerator feature which actually is a software program written in c language. So with the help of intelligent dynamic file segmentation it splits the software file into pieces and download all the pieces simultaneously. This way software can fool the server that its the separate file which is downloaded rather than the same file.

References: Official WebsiteWikipediaInternet Download Manager 6.12 Serial Number Key

Other main features include safe multipart downloading technology which is actually a segment which results in accelerating your software. Now if you split the files before the actual download process start than server will not allow you to do this. This is why Internet Download Manager 6.11 full version serial number splits the file into many parts after the download process which actually successfully fools the server. Some people often use proxy servers to bypass the restrictions force by the internet providers in their area so you need a software which also supports proxy servers.

Its very unfortunate part of online that lots of user use different versions of internet browsers rather than using the same version. Some time you buy a software which only supports the one version like Firefox or Google chrome but fortunately Internet Download Manager 6.11 supports almost all types of internet explorer including the Microsoft internet Explorer. You can even download the Zip files and YouTube videos just by adding the URL of the file and it will start the process immediately.

System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 3 with 900 GHz or bigger processor.
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • Minimum 500 MB free hard-disk storage.
  • Windows operating system.
  • Any internet browser.
  • Internet connection.

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  1. kapil says:

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    Best download manger in the world.
    Thank you for wonderful giveaway.

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    I love to have a license as I have a slow internet connection and this will help me download files faster for my work and other projects.

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    what a great news really internet download manager 6.11 version its working very fast really great features thanks for the sharing me

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  7. Johannes Clement says:

    Hi, if I am the 1st to comment here, may I have a free serial number of IDM 6.11 please?

    • keyse hurre says:

      my name is keyse hurre ihave an Idm with version 6.11 stalled my computer and it’s asking me a serial number

  8. Johannes Clement says:

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    sir i have a question that if my idm is canceled(means it by mistake i update idm and they found it fake) still this serial number could be usefull

  16. ADITYA says:

    Best manager ever

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