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Get Microsoft Office 2010 Free Product Key

In order to get the Microsoft Office 2010 Free Product Key you need to do some simple steps required in order to enter into giveaway. Microsoft have many versions available for you like Office Home & Student 2010 and Office professional plus 2010. Both versions are complete office solutions and provides you best productivity environment. With free product keys of Microsoft Office 2010 you can complete your office, university projects and even small business projects with ease. Its not just a word editor and software to create presentations, you can create standout reports, resumes, newsletters and many more from this one solution.

Get Microsoft Office 2010 Free Product Keys:

We have a real fabulous Giveaway for you in which we will provide you 100 Product keys of Microsoft Office 2010 free of cost. Just do the simple things mention below and we will send you keys straight into your inbox. Keys will be given to you on first com first serve bases.

1. Like the Facebook fan Page(if you have done it before leave it).

2. Follow us on Twitter(if you are already following us leave it).

3. Share giveaway on Twitter(Necessary step).

4. Share this giveaway on Facebook(Necessary step).

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5. Share Giveaway on Google Plus

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Leave a comment below with your proof.

microsoft office 2010 dvd set pack

What’s New in it:

If you are using previous versions of office 2010 product keys than you may ask that we you buy this software when we have previous versions. First of all let me tell you that this latest version includes Word 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Onenote 2010 and last but not least Microsoft outlook to manage your emails.

Its a combination of both home and office tools so that you can carry on your work anywhere you go. Its has very powerful tools which not only let you create spreadsheets, documents, charts, Trends but also edit videos so that to make your presentation look more professional.

office professional 2010For the first time in the history of office version Microsoft have included Cloud technology in this version of free product key of Microsoft Office 2010 which will totally revolutionize the software. Now when ever you save your file, it will save on your online storage service rather than on your memory card or USB drive. This way you can edit, share and customize your files and folder from any part of the world.

Sharing word files was a difficult thing to do in the past but thanks to Cloud Storage Technology now you can easily share your files with just one click on a button. The button is located on the top tight hand side of our screen and it let you remember that you are not alone and you can share this spreadsheet with anybody in this world.

With the invention of Tablets and iPads there is a demand in a new software application which acts as a digital notepad. So Microsoft very timely introduced a new application called Onenote 2010 which is your digital notebook. Just write what you want to write, insert images, videos and even audio files. This way you can manage all your assignments and projects every easily.

Outlook is now more powerful than ever before present in the previous versions of free license key of Microsoft Office 2010 and it can now filter all your spam email’s as well as junk. It searches the email address against the spam email list managed on a different server so that when ever you receive email from that address it simply discards it.


screenshot of microsoft office 2010

Office 2010 Awesome Features:

In versions when you have to insert images in your word document you first have to create table and than insert image in it. This was a very painful method because you have to carefully align this table with all your content otherwise it looks very ugly.

This time Microsoft has taken this technology to the next level and they introduce a live drag and drop facility. You don’t have to create tables and Rows, columns in your document. Just drag the image file from your folder and insert it her you want it to insert. Live preview will show you the exact same result as you ca imagine.

Editing photos require a very powerful third party software like Photoshop but not all of us can afford this program. Also if some how you buy this software than its very difficult to use and you need years of practice to master in it. The solution is that Microsoft Office 2010 license keys gives you the ability to edit photos right within word 2010 which is really astonishing.

Not only images but Microsoft thinks beyond this approach and they decided to bring video editing capability as well. Yes you can now crop, re-size, blur, add effects, control brightness and contrast and even change the audio of your video files which just few clicks. This new amazing feature makes Office 2010 product keys ideal for graphics designer as well as business professionals.

office home and business 2010If you ask me what feature is the most popular and interesting feature we have in this version than my answer to your question would be Cloud Technology. I simply like this feature because it totally eliminates the need of your computer to bring it along with yourself. Your files are now automatically stored on online cloud storage server and you don’t need to have USB drives or Hard-drives with your self.

Sharing is very easy and by clicking on the top right hand side button of your office 2010 screen your files are shared with your friends. Files can be edited by anyone and without even need to install the Microsoft Office 2010 activation code. Its fully supported by all the modern browsers and you can edit your files right inside your browsers.

Managing your daily routine work can be a mess and you need some kind of digital note dairy. Thanks to OneNote 2010 in Microsoft Office 2010 serial number code now you have the ability to write, insert images in your digital notepad which is endless and don’t require any extra pen or pencil.

Showing data to your customers is not a ideal thing to do, its better to creates charts for your data and show this to them for better representation. Often people like terns because it shows them the future guideline which helps the to invest in proper shares.

Microsoft also introduced Sparklines in excel which is used to create mini charts in order to represent data effectively. The way it works is very interesting you need to use Slicers to dynamically segment and filter PivotTable which than display the data on use request. This way you can better control the out put data and produce amazing results in Microsoft Office 2010 free product key.

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    In order to get the Microsoft Office 2010 Free Product Key you need to do some simple steps required in order to enter into giveaway. Microsoft have many versions available for you like Office Home & Student 2010 and Office

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